Try A New Activity 3 Times Before Liking Or Disliking It


When you think about an activity that you’ve been wanting to try, what is it that keeps you from doing it? Is it out of your comfort zone? Worst case scenario, you keep putting it off because you aren’t sure if it’s worth investing the time.

Before I started working out regularly, I wasn’t sure which classes I should take at my gym. I didn’t know if I was going to like Zumba, or yoga, or boxing. During that time, I learned about a rule that I apply to any new activity or hobby I’m interested in.

The Rule: Try It At Least 3 Times

At first, I thought this was crazy. Wouldn’t you realize you don’t like something after you’ve tried it once? This is not always the case for activities and this is why:

Trying it Once…

When you try a new activity the first time, it isn’t always the same experience for everyone. Some struggle and others just manage to breeze through it. Even if you are nervous, the important part to remember is that you are doing it. If it isn’t quite what you expect, you can still say that you got your feet wet at this point.

Trying it Twice…

The second time you take it up, focus on learning it. In your first attempt, there were likely things you missed because you were too excited, or stressed, about doing the activity. This is your opportunity to concentrate on what is happening and getting comfortable.

Trying it a Third Time…

The final time you try it is when you judge whether you like it or not. By now, you’ve gotten over the ‘newbie’ feeling. By now, you’ve gained insight on how to do the activity. As a result, it’s helped you to know if it’s what you thought it would be, and if it’s something you would like to keep doing.

You did it!

Congratulations, you did it! Even if you found you didn’t like it, you still gave it a chance! You no longer need to question if it’s something you might have enjoyed. But it’s possible it opened your eyes to a different activity you wouldn’t have seen yourself doing before.

I have used this rule many times since I discovered it. There was one fitness class that I kept putting off because I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the other gym members. I applied the rule to it and ended up going every week for nearly two years!

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