Diet Is An Ugly Word


What is a diet? A diet is a change in eating habits to reach a goal. There are numerous diets out there too. Liquid diets, Low carb diets, High protein diets, Keto diets, galore!

Ever wondered why some people don’t manage to follow through with a diet though? It’s because the word diet is associated with the idea that it is short term! Altering the way you eat is what should be thought of as a change for long term results. It’s quite literally a lifestyle change. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t go back to eating McDonalds every day after dropping 20+ pounds just so you could go back to it right? Of course not!

Make the Change

So, how can you change your eating habits to reflect as a long-term change instead of a short-term change? Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

Remember That You Want to Stay for The Long-Term Results

Don’t go back to your old eating habits just because you reached your goal. You put in a lot of hard work making different decisions in what you eat so it hinders your progress if you revert to what you were originally doing. Don’t forget, you wanted to change what you were doing because it didn’t make you happy in the first place! Don’t give up!

Be Aware Of Comfort Food

When you do this, you must be conscientious of when it is that you are about to grab that bag of chips or extra cookie. Bad day at work? Lounging in front of the TV on your day off? Comfort food is the downfall of healthier eating habits!

The Ratio of Being Fit Is 80% Nutrition/ 20% Exercise

Moment of truth, I have been known to stop working out for months at a time! Life would just get in the way and I’d find myself too exhausted after working or going to school to muster up the energy to go to the gym or even do a small workout in my living room. However, I didn’t gain any weight in that time because I still stayed away from sweets, fast food, and eating when I was bored.

Most Importantly, Have Patience with Yourself And Your Body

This can truly be a make it or break it deal! It does not happen overnight where you decide that you can switch your routine with something completely different. It takes time. There will be moments that you will get frustrated because you want to eat that burger at your family BBQ, or have a beer with friends. Moderation is key. If you know that you’ve been good for the last week, eat that burger or drink that beer. It doesn’t mean that you’ve thrown your new habits out the window. It just means you’re treating yourself.

Regardless of how little or long you have been changing the way you eat, don’t give up. If a certain style of healthy eating hasn’t been helping you reach your goal, it could just be because that it doesn’t suit your life. Try something different. Maybe your body does better when you eat a high protein breakfast first thing in the morning, or maybe you need to add more fiber. It can be a challenge finding what works for you, but the end results make up for the journey. Keep up the good work!

3 thoughts on “Diet Is An Ugly Word”

  1. I loved the title of the article. You rightly mentioned it’s basically a life style change and one needs to be patient to get good long term results of diet change.

    1. Thank you! Yeah, it’s not easy changing the way you eat but it’s so worth it if you take small steps and look at it a different way.

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