6 Simple Ways To Clean Up The Clutter In Your Home


Some of the most overlooked things we do can add up to create a lot of work later. Laundry, dirty shoes, the ever-growing mail pile on the table… Sound familiar? These are all common items in a home that can create clutter if left unchecked. Here are some simple solutions to help you clean up the clutter and make it seem like less work.

Don’t Wear Shoes in The House

Shoes in the house causes dirt and debris to build up faster on your floors and carpet. This can lead to tracks built up in your carpet and scratches in your linoleum or wood floors. Not to mention the fact that dirty floors take away from the pleasure of walking around barefoot. If you set up a rug, or even a shoe rack next to your front door, walking into your home will be a more enjoyable experience.

Hang Up Your Jacket

Not just your jacket, but your purse and keys too. Designating a spot for these items ensures that you won’t need to retrace your steps to find where you put them. Set up a table or a coat hanger near the door. It can also help you reinforce the habit of taking off your shoes!

Aim for The Laundry Hamper

It’s understandable that you aren’t always near your hamper when you’re changing clothes. Eventually, it adds up. Clothes on the floor can find its way from the bedroom to the hallway to the bathroom and even down the stairs. Just remember to pick up the dirty pile. You’ll find you’ll never have to search around the house again for random piles on laundry day.

Sort Through Your Mail

Granted, not everyone has time to go through their mail. The next best solution is to throw out the advertisements and then sort the rest depending on how important they are. By taking out the fluff of the pile, it gives you the opportunity to know what is in the mail. You can even have it all sorted by the time you’re walking back into the house from the mailbox! Place the mail in an organizer by how urgent they are or if they can be dealt with later.

Don’t Leave Clutter on The Floor

Books, boxes, DVDs… this all adds up and can take up a lot of floor space. Organize your things by putting them on shelves. Empty the boxes and break them down for the garbage bin. If you can’t find a space for some of your items, store them in boxes in your garage or arrange them neatly in your closet. Clearing up the clutter on the floor will decrease the chances of stepping on something valuable or sentimental.

Plan A Cleaning Day

Cleaning is not a favorite thing to do but it is a necessary evil. By planning a day to clean, you’re making it a priority on your schedule. Find a day that works for you and write it down on your calendar. It doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. Play music or put on a movie for background noise. Light a favorite candle or burn some incense. If it’s a nice day out, open a couple of windows. By doing any one of these things, you’re creating a better atmosphere for yourself and it gives a better mindset when cleaning day comes around! 

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